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Catrina Classic

Cheap parcels up to 31 kg

Service "Catrina Classic" is ideal for people who want to quickly send a parcel up to 30kg as a one unit shipment. Parcels in the service, "Catrina Classic" are transported using subcontractors and thus may be machined at various stages of transport.

Supported countries receiving in the service "Catrina Classic" are Poland and UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).
Catrina Sped

Pallets and removals

Service "Catrina Sped 'is primarily aimed at businesses and those of you who have to transport goods on pallets. Supported platforms within the service "Catrina Sped "is primarily Euro pallets, EUR, MAV, ISO, and for containers.

If you want to transport cargo on pallets of "custom " sizes, please contact one of our technical advisor sin the Catrina LTD customer service department.
Catrina Van

Parcels over 31 kg

The "Catrina Van" service is primarily aimed at companies and those of you who have a size and weight shipment not included within Catrina Classic service.
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